PE and Sport Premium

Mission statement for Physical Education

At St Thomas of Canterbury Infant School we aim to empower all children to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for healthy, productive and fulfilling lives. This is based on physical activities that are undertaken in an active, caring, supportive, and non-threatening atmosphere in which every child is challenged and successful. Children with competence in skills and who have positive physical activity experiences will choose to be actively involved in recreational and leisure sports leading to health-enhancing life styles. We also believe that participation in physical education provides an opportunity for continuous development for each individual's physical, mental, social and emotional capabilities in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. The staff aim to establish an “active school” ethos and environment which will increase activity levels and promote health within and outside the curriculum.

Timetabled Physical Education

Our children, in both Foundation stage and key stage 1, have two hours of timetabled PE per week. Throughout the year the lessons take place both inside and outdoors. We run a range of clubs that promote physical activity and the children also take part in a range of intra-school competitions (within the class or between classes) and inter-school competitions (between schools) throughout their time with us.

School PE and Sport Premium Funding 

This was a new initiative in September 2013. Initially this funding was for two years, but has been extended to include future years.

Please click below for details of how we have used this funding: