Sport and PE

Sport at Saint Thomas of Canterbury Infant School is incredibly important. We believe in the Health and Wellbeing of the whole child and this is very much reflected in the curriculum our school follows. Our staff are regularly up skilled and have attended many training sessions so as to ensure their knowledge is current and the curriculum is challenging. Our children participate in 120 minutes of physical activity perweek either inside or outside; this includes the opportunity for intra school competition within the class or year group.

Our children are active at playtimes and lunchtimes too and we have a group of dedicated year 1 and 2 Play Leaders that support the play by introducing and organising new games on a timetabled two weekly cycle. Our Play Leaders are learning and practising many skills including leadership, organisation and discipline of themselves.

We have a wide range of extra-curricular clubs that all our children get the opportunity to participate in throughout the academic year. Currently we have tennis, golf, basketball, tag-rugby and cricket. Our teaching staff also deliver a range of sporting clubs including cheerleading and skipping! Our children love skipping so we booked an inspiring day delivered by a member of 'Dan the Skipping Man's' Team which the children enjoyed thoroughly. It is lovely to see so many children skipping in the playground! All our children have a school skipping rope given to them as they start school in EYFS so they can practise their skipping skills throughout the school day and this travels with them as they journey through the school!

We are well resourced and have a range of good quality equipment to support our children's development.

We also believe in celebrating the sporting achievements of our children outside of school and weekly celebrate achievements in football, dancing, swimming, judo etc by sharing certificates, medals, badges and trophies in our birthday and celebration worship on a Thursday morning. It is lovely to see the children and their peers proud of their achievements and this celebration gives other children ideas of the facilities and clubs that are local to our school and area.

We are currently involvedin the Children's Health Project which is a project designed to develop thehealth and wellbeing of the whole child. Please see the 'Children's Health Project' section of our school website.