Welcome ...

On behalf of the governors, staff and children I am delighted to welcome you to the St Thomas of Canterbury Church of England Infant School website.

We are a Church of England Infant School for children aged 4-7 years and are situated in Brentwood Essex.

Starting school is an important step in every person's life and we aim to offer every child who comes here the best possible start to their education so that they want to achieve as much as they can and always want to make their own little light shine.

Our vision for our life and work as a church is based on Matthew 5:14 : Jesus said ‘You are the light of the World’ (Matthew 5:14) so we let our little lights shine. It is our responsibility to help each other let our individual lights shine brightly in all that we do and say, always following in Jesus’ footsteps to be a beacon of love to all.

Our governors and staff work extremely hard to ensure that the school is a safe and caring environment in which every child will be stimulated to learn and be excited about what they are doing. We have excellent facilities both inside and outside but most of all we want everyone to feel part of our family and proud to be part of our school family.

We hope you will find our website informative. The prospectus contains a lot of information about the school and the rest of the site provides further information about life at St Thomas of Canterbury Infant School including news and important dates.

If you want to learn more about us or visit us please contact the school office.

With kind regards,

Mrs Caroline L'Estrange