Mission Statement

Our mission statement is central to our life and work, where we encourage each child to let their little light shine brightly, following in Jesus' footsteps:

Our mission is ...

to give children a sound Christian Education which will help them to develop spiritually and to foster consideration,

respect and understanding for the needs of others, in order to grow into courteous, caring adults


to deepen, through worship, the children's relationship with God whilst developing also their sense of wonder

and reverence for life and appreciation of their specialness to Him


to create a caring and welcoming atmosphere for young children at the start of their school career


to provide a well balanced curriculum which will lay the foundations for developing lively, enquiring minds whilst encouraging

responsible attitudes to independent learning and meeting individual needs


to welcome parental involvement, because good partnership between school and home is essential for children's continued learning


Each day we work hard to ensure that our words and actions are living out our vision
and mission statement in a manner that shows we our living Jesus' to be a beacon of love.